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Beyond Borders: Stories of im/Migration

Santa Clara University, Edward M. Dowd Art & History Building Gallery
January 8, 2018 to April 6, 2018
Migrations of humanity, whether instigated by war, conflict, persecution, poverty or climate change, transport peoples from the known, their homes, families and communities, to the unknown. Beyond Borders: Stories of im/Migration explores the personal and observed narratives surrounding the

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Michael Pribbich Project Updates!

Hello to all: Here is a small update on my projects in NJ and California: 
My work ‘The Americans” is included in the ‘Unreliable Narrator’ exhibit at Art House Gallery in Jersey City. It’s a very thoughtful show curated by Arthur Bruso and Raymond Mingst. This is the inaugural exhibit in the ground floor

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DEBORAH KOENKER-Grapes & Tortillas

Here is a short video documentation of Deborah’s exhibition Grapes & Tortillas (July-October 2016, Kelowna Art Gallery), on the Mexican seasonal agricultural
workers in the Okanagan Valley (and across Canada). She plans to exhibit again in Chapala in 2018. Deborah was here on a personal residency in 2016.

It is an especially useful description

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MICHAEL PRIBICH- XQ Resident Artist Upcoming Exhibitions 2017

Hello to All, 
There are some changes to the upcoming art exhibitions that I am participating in.   Some additions and some subtractions:   
-Platform Art Fair that was supposed to be in Greenpoint, Brooklyn this week has been cancelled.  (Financial backing supporting the fair pulled out) 
–Platform Film Festival remains intact.

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YEN-HUA: 360 Xochi Quetzal Resident in Installation and Mixed Media

A very talented Taiwanese artist, Yen-Hua, was here in Winter of 2014 as the 360 Xochi Quetzal Resident in Mixed Media. During her residency, Yen-Hua turned out more work than most visual artists complete in 6 months. Her energy and work are formidable. During her residency, she managed to arrange a 1-week exhibition at the

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2015 XQ Artist, Shea Hembrey Awarded 2017 Artist in Residency at Sculpture Space

One of our resident artists from 2015, Shea Hembrey, is currently an artist in residency at Sculpture Space in Utica, New York.  This is a 2-month residency with 24/7 access to huge studio space and a studio assistant.
Shea Hembrey, Newport, AR
Residency: July-August 2017
Shea Hembrey grew up on a dirt road in rural

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Judith Mullen to Speak at Ukrainian Institute of Art in Chicago

Judith was a finalist for the Residency Program. She is a Chicago-based painter and sculptor. http://judithmullen.com/art/Exhibitions  She is represented by Linda Warren Projects in Chicago  http://lindawarrenprojects.com/artists/judith-mullen/
Judith, along with 3 other artists will be speaking on February 19th, 2pm at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art In Chicago, Illinos (2230 W. Chicago Ave).

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Reducing my Dose, Unblocking my Muse

Read the New York Times Opinion article written by former XQ Resident Diana Spechler
I’m spending a month at an artist residency in central Mexico, where I’ve befriended a local healer named Katuza who believes in the spirit world. He believes in the power of plants, especially peyote. He believes in the temescal (sweat

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Important Message from the President & CEO of Americans for the Arts


January 26, 2017
Dear Americans for the Arts Members and Friends,
I am writing to you today about the status of federal funding for the arts in the new Administration and U.S. Congress and about what you should do right now and over the coming months.
Last week on

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TOWN supports Harlem Exhibition

Darshai, Michael Pribich, Still image from Sift, video filmed in Badakhshan, Tajikistan fall 2016

Allusions includes two-dimensional artworks and multi-dimensional (some interactive) installations presented by eleven uptown artists hailing from vastly different backgrounds and upbringings who share

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Alice B. Fogel Wins NH Literary Award

Former XQ Resident, Alice B. Fogel´s  latest book, Interval, has just won the NH Literary Award in Poetry!
You can find Alice´s latest book HERE

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MICHAEL PRIBICH-2015 XQ Resident Artist Upcoming Exhibitions

Hello Everybody,
I want to share some news about current and future work projects.  I’ve been in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan the last month collecting video and audio from different labor sites.  Initially I went to record the wheat harvest in the Badakshan region of the Pamirs.  I discovered additional people to work with including

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Andrew Morgan-Voyage to Scorpion Island, The Video

Amazing video from Andrew Morgan.  Beautiful footage of migrating birds, holiday lights, fireworks, and sunrises/sunsets captured during his Winter 2015 residency here in Chapala, set to the beautiful piece composed by Andrew inspired by his visit to Scorpion Island.

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Shirley and Iris: a short play by Sandra A. Daley-Sharif

Hello Friends,

Join me for a reading of my short play “Shirley and Iris”.  Shirley is a retired 75 year old woman who recently lost her husband. Just as Shirley is ready to start a new chapter in her life, she is now charged to care for her 96 year old mother,

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The most important new art museum in North America is not in the U.S., but in Mexico.

Opening to huge acclaim in Mexico and nary any in ours, the Museum of the International Baroque in Puebla is unique — there is simply nothing like it in any other city or country.
Conceived by a distinguished Mexican diplomat and educator, Jorge Alberto Lozoya, it was taken on by the then-new governor of the state of

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Read the Interview with Michael Pribich

Read an interview with resident artist Michael Pribich from New York City. Michael Pribich is an artist’s artist who attended 360 Xochi Quetzal in the spring of 2015. His work is smart, embedded with meaning, beautiful, both pleasing and challenging, often monumental and deeply informed by sense of place. Read about and see Michael’s class and

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Jenny Mueller-XQ Resident Update

Jenny Mueller is the author of Bonneville (2007) and the forthcoming State Park (2017), both from Elixir Press. Her poems have been published in journals including Colorado Review, American Literary Review, Crazyhorse, Interim, New American Writing and Hinchas de Poesia. She lives in south St. Louis and teaches across the river at McKendree University in

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Pelicans in Winter!

Lake Chapala hosts 5,000 White Pelicans each winter, representing about three percent of the total population which is estimated at 180,000 birds. The vast majority of the Lake Chapala birds are found toward the eastern end of the lake where there is more natural marshland. These appearance of these swanlike birds are a must see

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