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Artist Statement

My artwork examines labor as a way to advance ideas and conversations that lead to continual growth and change.  In 2017 there is an imperative to create art and ideas that educate and unite people.  Traveling is a lage part of my work process.  My recent projects in Guadalajara, Wyoming, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan examined to conditions of the workers, locating a sense of how they felt about their accomplishments.  The common links of working people´s culture can form kind of cosmic bridge of comprehension.  I use a lens that sees workers in both the present moment, and the long view of time.  Through equilibrium in labor Man creates his own life – his own humanness.

The Bolsa works are informed by the living working culture of Jalisco, Mexico.  The United States has disavowed its shared history with Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America.  Workers have always crossed borders to find jobs, safety, and to create change and opportunities .  Sift a video filmed in Tajikistan shows field workers processing wheat in a collaborative activity.  Sift makes far away places closer.  It accomplishes the opposite of globalization by introducing us to a distant culture that remains intact, and by making the world a bigger place, instead of a smaller one.  A working people`s culture has a cosmic connection that is part of the living condition, but has been under acknowledged by the greater culture.

Michael Pribich, NYC, 1/22/2017

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