360 Xochi Quetzal

Garnet … Surrender, trust and good fortune 

This room is located in our larger garden casita and it has some flexibility.  Most days it is set up with two  twin beds. However, for the residency program, we can arrange it to suit your needs. If traveling by  yourself and one twin bed is sufficient, we can remove the second twin, providing you more space to  work on your craft. Perhaps you are a writer and do not need so much active space, we can remove that  second twin to give you more living space. This room will be outfitted with small kitchenette items  (refrigerator, toaster oven and coffee machine) with shelving for grocery items and dinnerware). Windows face north and west offering light and as it is at the far end of the garden it definitely exudes solitude. A sunny patch of grass with comfortable lounge chairs are found in front of the room and a great  way to take a break from your work.  

Weekly rate: $500 USD / $10,000 MXN 
Monthly rate: $1,100 USD /  $22,000 MXN 

Note:  When booking your room, please add 360XQ under ‘Company Name’ to insure residency status.

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