360 Xochi Quetzal

Deborah ‘Cobra’ Kruger

Deborah is the founder of 360 Xochi Quetzal. She sends out newsletters, writes all our marketing copy, manages Twitter, organizes the personal residency program and handles all the myriad aspects of running an international residency program. In addition to running the residency program, Deborah is an internationally exhibiting artist. Her textile paintings, sculpture and installations address concerns about the rapid decline in bird species and loss of indigenous languages. Learn more about her work on YouTube (and subscribe!) and on her website: www.deborahkruger.com

Sandra Hernandez

Sandra Hernandez handles Spanish correspondence and social media for 360 Xochi Quetzal. Her training in graphic design is a big plus for our program. Sandra helps our incoming personal residency guests get settled.  She is also Deborah’s studio assistant.  In her capacity as studio assistant, Sandra helps Deborah develop images for her silk screens, prepare exhibition proposals, edit videos and travel to the US to help deliver and install artwork.

Tyler Buhl

Tyler is our social media guru. Every organization needs one. She has just finished building our new website, she manages and moderates our FB group page and creates content for both of our platforms. Tyler also handles Deborah’s fine art website, numerous social media platforms and her Save the Birds Design website that offers an array of merchandise featuring drawings and images from Deborah’s artwork. www.savethebirdsdesign.com

Christian Robertson

Christian Robertson is Deborah’s husband and co-owner of all the residency buildings.  His behind the scenes work ensures that everything is in running order in all our live/work units, not the easiest thing here in Mexico.  Christian is passionate about growing bamboo and has started a bamboo nursery (vivero) and business that sells bamboo masks and other products. Check out his Facebook page: Bambu Warriors

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