360 Xochi Quetzal


Reservations are on a first-come first-serve basis. Choose a room on the website and at the bottom of the description you can check availability and begin the reservation process. Plan a year ahead if you want to come in the winter.

There is no fee for attending the residency except for paying the rent on your room  and your other personal expenses. You are responsible for your travel to and from Mexico. It is easy and safe to take an airport taxi which costs $440 pesos to Ajijic.  You will also need to pay for your local transportation, entertainment, gifts and dining. Food is inexpensive in Mexico, and eating out is quite affordable. International calls can be made by getting an international cell plan from ATT or Sprint or downloading WhatsApp before you arrive.

There may be additional costs for special events like studio visits and workshops. Resident artists will be contacted about events taking place during their residency.

Each room has a sitting area and can be rearranged to suit your needs. Perhaps a writing desk or maybe a painting easel. Your accommodations also include free wifi, a fan for your comfort, all utilities, and maid service 3x a week, (laundry service is an additional $200p). Continental breakfast is served every morning from 9am – 10am  and we offer fresh fruit, yogurt, homemade granola and a sweet or savory pastry with Oaxacan coffee, tea and juice. Our swimming pool is solar-heated and available for your use from early morning until 10pm at night. Pool towels are are always stacked and ready for you. 

A 50% deposit will be taken upon booking your reservation. The remainder 50% will be processed one week prior to your arrival. 

If you cancel 30 days prior to your reservation date,  your deposit will be refunded.  If you cancel 15 days prior to arrival date, you will receive your deposit less 20% administration fee.  

First of all, Mexico is considered a developing country, not a third world country. The electric outlets are exactly the same as in the US, so you can bring your favorite electrical device. You do NOT need any special immunizations. However, for reasons we do not understand you CANNOT bring Sudafed into the country. But you can buy something similar here without a prescription. If you have additional questions, we are happy to provide assistance.

No need to be nervous! When you finish with customs and immigration and enter the terminal, there is a taxi kiosk near the exit. They speak English in the kiosk and you pay for the trip there with pesos or credit card. They will give you a slip and then you exit the terminal to the taxi stand. You can also use Uber if you have that App on your phone.  You can change some money at the airport at a Cambio. However, we suggest just changing a small amount, like $50 USD because the exchange rates are much better in Ajijic than at the airport. 

All of the rooms accommodate two people. To protect the tranquil atmosphere, we are a no-child zone, however we will accept children over the age of 13.  Take a close look at the room descriptions to see if your choice room will work for two people: 

I will be onsite to assist you with any questions, help you make reservations and handle any issues that may arise. We will be in touch with you prior to your arrival. We usually ask that you call/text as you are leaving the airport so we can be sure we are at the gate to greet you in Ajijic. Upon arrival we will walk you through the property and answer any questions you may have. Like many of the homes in Ajijic, we are located behind a large wall with a locked gate. It is very secure. 

There are several options. You can check to see if your current phone service has a temporary international plan that includes calls from US, Canada and Mexico (ATT and Sprint work well here).  Most of our residents find that using WhatsApp is the easiest phone option (and free). We advise downloading it before you arrive in Mexico and testing it by sending a text to one of our cell phones (Bethany Anne Putnam: +52.331.157.2300)

No pets owned by residents are permitted. Except of course for official service pets. If you fear you may miss the companionship of your pet, you will find our resident canine, Arthur, is very entertaining. He will enthusiastically greet you every day, will gladly play fetch, is available for walks and is sure to win your heart with his snuggly nature.

In both Aztec and Maya culture, Xochiquetzal was the goddess associated with fertility, creativity and crafts, especially weaving and embroidery. The name is a compound of the Nahuatl words for flower (xochitl) and for tail feather of the strikingly colored quetzal bird (quetzalli).

Pronounce it like this: So-chi Ket-zal

Ajijic is located 1,538 meters (5,046 ft) above sea level in Mexico’s Volcanic Axis also known as the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt. As our elevation is quite high, you will want to be sure to stay hydrated and drink lots of water while you are here. 

You will find most shops and restaurants will accept credit cards, but mostly VISA and MASTERCARD, hardly ever AMERICAN EXPRESS. You should be sure to alert your bank that you will be traveling in Mexico to avoid your card being declined. Smaller vendors will only take cash. Bank ATM’s are located throughout town and they distribute pesos. It is a good idea to ask your bank which Mexican banks they are affiliated with to determine the best fees for withdrawals while you are here. Locally we have Intercam, BBVA, Bancomer, HSBC, Actinver and ScotiaBank. If you establish a Schwab account, I believe they do not charge for ATM fees. 

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