360 Xochi Quetzal


As a visiting artist or writer with the 360XQ Residency, you can be as structured or relaxed as you wish. You have chosen to come here to focus on a particular project and how you organize your days is up to you. We provide you a healthy and delicious breakfast to start your day. From there … you can have as much solitude or interaction as you desire. We will work with you to make connections or leave you to do your intended work.


The Garden of Dreams will begin to fill with artists who are affiliated with 360XQ. Because we are offering daily breakfast we believe the artists will naturally get to know one another and connect over homemade granola and delicious pastries. This property has always been associated with artists. The former owners called it “Los Artistas” and many arts activities took place here. Currently the local arts association, the Artists Alliance of Lake Chapala, hosts a monthly Art Market with 50+ artist vendors, live music, food & drink and over 300+ attendees every month. We are becoming a sought-out location for artist workshops, a weekly figure drawing class happens here and the rooms are hung with art from local artists. 


We are fortunate to have gathered a diverse network of creatives within the 360XQ family. Many a former residency participant has visited Lake Chapala multiple times and eventually decided to move here. Every month we distribute a list of the incoming artists and include the locals who credit their time spent as a 360XQ resident as a major factor to packing up and moving here. They are always happy to include you, invite you to join them for art openings or concerts or meet for coffee. You are welcome and encouraged to reach out to any one of them if you have questions or are looking for someone to go shopping, have dinner with or simply take a walk through town. They would love to hear from you.   


360XQ and the Garden of Dreams are collaborating on a salon series. Once a month we will host an evening salon series, specifically to introduce the visiting residents to the community. Three artists will do a short presentation about their background, what inspires them, their life as an artist, what projects they are working on during the residency and their plans for the future. It is marketed locally, inviting the artist community to attend and engage with the artists. We set up a bar for refreshing beverages and will distribute a small flyer to the attendees that lists the bios for each of the presenters, social media links and contact information. 


You are invited to lead a workshop when you are here. The Garden of Dreams has a bright and sunny workshop room that rents at a very reasonable fee. It is adjacent to our roof terrace where we can set up a delicious breakfast or a light lunch, or you can use it for breakout sessions. We will work with you to craft the workshop, promote it and execute it. Again, our local artists are very curious folks and they love a good workshop. It is an opportunity to make some pesos while you are here and connect with local artists at the same time. 


Portfolio reviews are a valuable step in an artist’s professional development, and give the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue and receive critical feedback from leading curators, gallerists and independent arts professionals. We are fortunate that this community is flush with internationally recognized individuals who are acutely qualified and would be happy to discuss your portfolio with you. 

Portfolio reviews are designed to support you in developing your work, to address key challenges and help you realize your full potential. You may want to discuss your style, methodologies, medium or presentation and talking it through may prove to be very helpful.

A review can help you plan strategically your next moves in order to build up your career as an artist. It is an opportunity to learn about your habits and challenges from the perspective of someone you’ve probably never met before. A review offers am opportunity to reflect on where you are in your practice or career at this particular moment. 


Once a month(ish) the artists will be invited to attend a casual pool party (or something similar depending on the weather) at the Garden of Dreams. The 360XQ friends and family will be invited, but we will also reach out to specific artists from within the community for whom you might find a connection.  We invite other successful artists that the 360XQ artists may not get to meet otherwise and it has been lovely. We talk about art and careers and life and most everyone has a connection or a resource to share. Everyone brings their swimsuit (if they wish) and a dish to share and we simply hang out and get to know each other. 


As more artists begin to stay at the Garden of Dreams, we are excited to coordinate self-care days at the hotel. We will bring in practitioners for massages, mani/pedi’s, pool therapy, Bowen specialists or anything that seems appropriate based on who is here at the time. You would not have to leave the beautiful grounds of the hotel to pamper yourself. All of that can be arranged, even if you are here by yourself or if you wish to venture off-property and do a DIY spa day or make it a weekly occurrence. 


You will be emailed a detailed list of the various artistic activities that take place on a regular basis in Ajijic (let us know if you would like to see a sample month’s activities). You are invited to take part in any/all of them and we are happy to make introductions to the organizers. In addition to those activities, there are gallery openings, workshops, classical concerts, jazz evenings under the stars and speakers series that  happen all the time here. There is no lack of artistic and cultural things to keep you busy. You will have a hard time choosing how to spend your free time. 


Guadalajara is a fascinating city and there are many museums, galleries and art venues.  Depending on how many artists are here at the time, we can coordinate a driver to take us in to see the sights. A good friend owns a bronze foundry/gallery/atelier and he is always open to us bringing guests to see their facility. There are too many fabulous venues to see in a one-day excursion. If you wish to do a DIY couple of days in the big city, we can help you coordinate where to stay and what to see, 

You will find the communities at Lakeside to be flooded with fascinating people, interesting opportunities and experiences that will become fond memories of your time here. Culture and the arts have been happening at Lakeside for hundreds of years and your time at the 360 Xochi Quetzal Artists and Writers Residency will benefit from those of us that seek it out and embrace it. We can’t wait to share it with you. 

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