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Practical Travel Tips

Practical Travel Tips when visiting Ajijic

1. Buy the Moon book on Guadalajara for excellent information on this area.
2. Pack casual clothing – with layers in mind for changes in temperatures.
3. No need to bring all your good jewelry as this is a very casual village.
4. Only bring good walking shoes for our cobblestones (no high heels).
5. Include: flashlight, sun hat, any medication you need to take. 
6. Bring your laptop – We have both wired & wireless internet access. Electric is the same in Mexico, so no adaptors required.
7. Chapala is a ‘peso’ society so make sure you have money to access your ATM card (FYI – ATM machines dispense pesos through your dollar account).
8. Credit cards are accepted in many places, but better to expect cash. Hardly anyone accepts American Express or Discover. 

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