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Tips for Prospective Applicants to the BIPOC Residency:

We offer you a list here of the application questions that will require a written response. Your application process will go smoother if you review and write your answers BEFORE you start your application on CAFÉ. Once you are ready to start your application, you can cut and paste your answers into the text boxes. Most of these questions limit your answer to 1000 characters except the question about adversity; that one allows 2000 characters. Good luck!

  • 1. We believe that we are all here for a reason. Tell us what you see as your purpose, especially your creative purpose in this life.
  • 2. As you look back on your creative life, what is your most impressive achievement? Please use box below to answer. 
  • 3. Within the spectrum of BIPOC identities (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), how do you describe yourself? Please use the box below to answer. 
  • 4. What are your goals for this BIPOC residency and how will this opportunity support the development of your work, and creative practice? Often we don’t work on some idea because we don’t have enough time. What would that be for you? Please use the box below to tell us about your goals. 
  • 5. If you have attended other artist/writer residency programs, please use the box below to tell us about the more recent programs you attended and the dates. 
  • 6. The BIPOC residency is in a developing country. Sometimes life here doesn’t run according to our expectations. Use the box below to tell us about an adventure you had while traveling, or a story that illustrates your resilience and ability to handle adversity. 
  • 7. What special supplies or equipment do you need for your residency? Easel? Work table Office chair? Sewing machine? Please use the box below to tell us what you need. We will do our best to accommodate you.
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