360 Xochi Quetzal

Carriage House

If you are planning a longer residency or coming with a partner or family, the Carriage House is an excellent option. There’s room for 2 – 3 guests in this second floor apartment at the Villa QQ. The equestrian décor in the Carriage House reminds us of when horses and carriages were the primary mode of transportation at the Villa QQ. Every surface of the Carriage House is decorated with a treasure trove of artifacts from a bygone era. Horse-lovers will feel right at home in the Carriage House. 
The Carriage House has a private terrace and private balcony overlooking the street where you can write or paint or just relax on the chaise lounges. This charming space has a kitchenette, king size bed, sitting area with a sofa that opens to a comfortable bed and a dreamy nook to have coffee in the sun. There’s also a large closet and full bathroom with a spacious shower. 

One month (30 day min): $1500 ($30,000 pesos) Weekly rate (7 day min): $720 ($14400 pesos)


Note:  When booking your room, please add 360XQ under ‘Company Name’ to insure residency status.

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