Featured Artist | Catherine Armbrust

Sager-Braudis Gallery features Catherine Armbrust, 360 Xochi Quetzal´s first Residency winner.

Catherine Armbrust is an MFA fiber and mixed media artist in Columbia, Missouri, and her series, Touched Icons, is featured as part of the 2019 February Exhibit. While Armbrust’s current work gives an immediate sense of depth and value, viewers will find that insight into its origins enhances experience of the work. Gallery Director Hannah Reeves asks the artist about the ideas and processes behind this series in this month’s blog feature.

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Jenine Shereos-Ephemeral Garden

Book Preorder Invitation

Hello friends, 
As we find ourselves reflecting upon another seasonal transition, I am excited to announce the arrival of a photography book that has been in the making since last Spring. While at an artist residency in France at La Maison Verte in Marnay-sur-Seine, I created a series of ephemeral installations using flowers that I collected while walking through the village. The installations currently exist only in memory or in photo documentation. Now, I would like to share this series of photographs with the world in the format of a photography book.

I am so excited to bring this publication into the world, but I can’t do it without your help! In order offset printing costs, I’m offering the opportunity to preorder a copy of the book at a discounted rate. If I reach my goal of $2,500, I will be able to publish a first edition of 100 copies, and as a stretch goal, if I am able to raise $3,750, I will be able to publish 150 copies! I invite you to follow along with me in this journey, as I will be posting updates.

In anticipation of the holidays, I am also offering a number of other perks related to the project, which would make excellent gifts. The book and all perks will ship in early December, in time for the holidays. Thanks so much for the taking the time to consider supporting my publication. Even if you are not able to contribute financially at this time, I appreciate your help in helping me spread the word.

Wishing you all the best,


Whether it is a single hair that she sews into a leaf vein or a cotton thread delicately stitched into flowers, the link is a transcendence that brings us back to earth like an umbilical cord… We have to consider it as the Ariane’s thread, which guides us through the sensitive path of the artist and reminds us to find our way back to our Earth.   

Didier Rousseau-Navarre


Update-The Magnificent Obsession of Jan Huling

On The Beaded Path – Jan Huling

Congratulations to former XQ Resident, Jan Huling on her cover story in American Craft Magazine!

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About Jan Huling

Jan Huling’s background in textile and commercial design has led her to her current art form, surface transformation utilizing thousands of tiny glass seed beads, chain and cabochons to cover a variety of objects. She has discovered that when a form, such as a mannequin or an animal form, is completely covered in complex patterns and colors, somehow one is able to admire the elegance of the form itself. Her work has been compared to the Huichol Indians, but their techniques and imagery are quite different. Lately she has concentrated on organic natural forms, be they bird, bug, animal or human.  Jan is unveiling a major new piece this coming October at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. The show will revolve around the theme of Mystery and will be up for eleven months.

Jan Miles post

Update-Jan Miles: The Post-Racial Negro Green Book

Author Jan Miles, 360 Xochi Quetzal Winner in the Writing Category

Jan Miles worked as a children’s book editor for more than seven years, during which time she authored over thirty children’s books. As a staff writer, a ghost-writer, and a writer for hire, she has provided content for a variety of publishers, both in verse and in prose. Her work for children includes every conceivable format, from board and activity books to picture and chapter books.

Her new release was recenly reviewed by Brentin Mock for Citylab.


A Revival of the “Green Book” for Black Travelers Review: by Brentin Mock

“New Orleans-based writer Jan Miles has revived the enterprise with the publication of her book The Post-Racial Negro Green Bookreleased in November, 2017, which continues the service of identifying the problem of a lack of safety and security for black travelers. There’s a twist on Miles’ book though: Instead of listing hotels, restaurants, and gas stations that African Americans can patronize, as the original Green Books did, Miles’ book lists various acts of police violence and racial profiling in a given place that have made the news in recent years. It also delves into both concrete and abstract examples of racism reported, such as mass incarceration, sentencing disparities, microaggressions, and even white privilege.”

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