360 Xochi Quetzal

Jan Huling’s background in textile and commercial design has led her to her current art form, surface transformation utilizing thousands of tiny glass seed beads, chain and cabochons to cover a variety of objects. She has discovered that when a form, such as a mannequin or an animal form, is completely covered in complex patterns and colors, somehow one is able to admire the elegance of the form itself. Her work has been compared to the Huichol Indians, but their techniques and imagery are quite different. Lately she has concentrated on organic natural forms, be they bird, bug, animal or human.  Jan is unveiling a major new piece this coming October at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. The show will revolve around the theme of Mystery and will be up for eleven months.  http://janhuling.com/

Update-Jan Huling on Artsy

A self-proclaimed “beadist”, Jan Huling coats the surfaces of found objects with brightly colored seed beads. Through surface design and elaborate patterns, she recontextualizes familiar

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