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Vancouver painter John Clinock, who was here last year, recently updated us with the completed paintings that he began during his stay in Chapala.

THE MAGICIAN - 17x14 in. 43x36 cm. Acrylic on paper

About John Clinock

I’m a visual artist in Vancouver, BC. Canada.I work in a variety of media including words, painting, drawing, and  mixed media.I teach and workshop the creative process of art in the community with a belief in the healing power of the act of art.
Making art enchants me. The sensual and quintessentially magical process of making something from nothing animates my life.

I play and lose myself in the act of art.

I work until I disappear.

Each new piece I make is a deeply personal journey, a dance with those aspects of consciousness that are mysterious and elusive.

I approach each working surface as I would a new relationship, a Fun-House mirror, or a dream, in search of another disclosure of self.

 My art is an unfolding path of exploration and adventure, a dance of flesh and spirit, a poetry, a making magic on the edge of the unknown.

La Dama de las Flores - 17x14 in. 43x36 cm. Acrylic on paper
Lola and Smudge - 17x14 in. 43x36 cm. Acrylic on paper
Tres y Muerte - 17x14 in. 43x36 cm. Acrylic on paper
An Unexpected Encounter - 17x14 in. 43x36 cm. Acrylic on paper


 My emailjohnclinock@gmail.com

My blog:  https://clinock.com

Instagram @johnclinock

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