360 Xochi Quetzal

Rm 8: Lapis Lazuli Suite

Lapis Lazuli … Courage, wisdom and truth 

Newly constructed, this second-floor suite is accessed by the garden and has a queen-sized bed, sizable  sitting area with a sofa and a separate kitchenette. Upon reaching the top of the stairs, the entry of the  suite is placed at a diagonal, creating a lovely terrace space that overlooks the entire garden. Located in  the southeast corner of the garden you will find yourself in the midst of the mango trees, and it gives the  sense of being in your own private tree house. Decorated in shades of blue, this suite is calming and  provides plenty of room for you to be creative. Easels, worktables or a space dedicated for writing will  make your stay at The Garden of Dreams a successful retreat.  


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