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ZaHaVa Sherez is an international contemporary artist and spiritual activist who has been using her art since 1990 to give voice to social justice, human rights, immigrants, and refugees.

Born in Argentina, raised in Israel, and moved to the USA in 1985, ZaHaVa has been living and working in both California and Jalisco, MX since 2018. Being multi-cultural and multi-lingual has enriched her life in indescribable ways. Life experiences such as immigrations, wars, and oppression have been her implausible teachers, deepening and shaping her worldview to understand that humanity is One Race. Living in multiple cultures has allowed her to witness the rich differences between them and recognize the fundamental similarities that make divisions obsolete.

Her latest work, InBodied Light is a large sculptural project visually representing the message “We Are One!”. She chose a material with transparency and lightness, emphasizing our connectedness with all through the light energy of Quantum field. These silent Beings transforming with their luminous and numinous presence.

It is a global traveling art project.

The “InBodied Light” series has been juried into prestigious exhibitions and museums worldwide, including the London Art Biennale, the Museum of Colonial Art in Havana, Cuba, Brookgreen Gardens in SC, USA, New Realism/Altered Reality at Gallery 23 in NY, USA, Xavier Villaurrutia Art Center in Mexico City, MX, Casa del Sol in Ajijic, MX, and the Museum of the Americas in San Juan, PR.

ZaHaVa Sherez has received numerous awards and her art has been shown and collected in various countries, including all over the US, Israel, The Netherlands, Australia, Argentina, Puerto Rico, England, Chile, Mexico, and Cuba. 

Zahava is fluent in English, Spanish, and Hebrew.

Interview with Zahava Sherez

Zahava Sherez is one of a growing number of visiting artists who come to Lake Chapala for a personal residency and then fall in love and return over and over. You work in sculpture and mixed

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