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Keith Smith

Keith became enthralled with the use of wax and the Indonesian batik copper printing blocks known as ‘tjaps’ at the World Batik Conference held at the Massachusetts College of Art in 2005. There he met Indonesian batik artists Agus Ismoyo and Nia Fliam from whom he subsequently took a tjap batik class and, in 2014, spent a month honing his technique in their studio in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. “The cauldron of wax reminds me of the foul smelling concoctions I used to cook up in my past life as an organic chemist.

Since then I have avidly collected tjaps, had some custom made in Indonesia, and have gradually improved my skills in the use of wax, tjaps and dye to create bold, colorful designs.” Keith uses the traditional techniques and tools of Indonesian Batik to create
contemporary and abstract effects with this old technique.

Keith and his wife Merridee (a fiber artist) were originally educated as chemists, and for many years viewed and experienced the world as scientists. Science and art require similar attributes in their view: an appreciation for the wonder of the world, creativity, serious study, and the ability to observe closely. In addition, art requires a passion to take
what one experiences and render it in some personal form. These concepts inspire their individual and collaborative works.
Keith studied design with silk painter Susan Louise Moyer and collaborates with his wife Merridee on works combining tjap batik and silk painting. He enjoys participating in artist residencies sponsored by 360 Xochi Quetzl by the inspirational Lake Chapala in Mexico.
His work may be seen at Art Studios at St. Luke’s in Auburn, California.


Pamela Sneed

Pamela Sneed is a New York-based poet, performer, visual artist, and educator. She is the author of Funeral Diva (City Lights Books, 2020), Sweet Dreams (Belladonna*, 2018), KONG (Vintage Entity Press, 2009), Imagine Being More Afraid of Freedom than Slavery (Holt, 1998), and others. Sneed has performed at the Whitney Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Poetry Project, The High Line, the New Museum, and the Toronto Biennale. She appears in Nikki Giovanni’s “The 100 Best African American Poems,” and has been nominated for two Pushcart Prizes. She has won a 2023 Creative Capital Award in literature. 

In 2023 she also premiered a music and performance work at Park Avenue Armory, A Tribute to Big Mama Thornton. Her visual work has shown at EFA, Fresno State University, The Ford Foundation, Leslie Lohman Museum and more. She has had visual solo shows at Laurel Gitlen Gallery and currently in Minneapolis at David Peterson Gallery .

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John Clinock

Influenced by the ‘Beat’ poets of the 1950s and ’60s, I left my home in the UK to travel the highways of North America. Enroute I fell in love with Canada’s west coast and remain here still, living and making art in Vancouver, BC.

I failed high school art in England and didn’t even consider studying or practising visual art until 1977 in Victoria, BC.  At that time I was navigating periods of deep depression and existential crisis. A concerned friend suggested I apply for the same art course she was applying for: a two year foundational Visual Arts course at a local college. I had no portfolio and little experience but was accepted with a promise to fully commit myself for two years. I did so willingly and discovered a deep and lasting passion for the visual arts.

I went on to earn a first class Honours BFA in painting and a B.Ed in Visual art.

I taught senior high school art and art history in Vancouver for 25 years.

Since retiring I have continued my art studies and practice and have used my experience to teach and help others discover and explore their own creativity and find healing and joy in the act of art. I volunteered for 10 years leading classes and workshops in the creative process at community centres in Vancouver serving vulnerable populations, including people on lower income, people with disabilities, seniors, people of diverse ethnic backgrounds, the LGBTQ community, youth, and people who are homeless. 

I have exhibited my art in numerous solo and group shows in British Columbia. I have art in private collections in the UK, USA, Mexico and Canada.